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Emergency Response USA is a leading provider of Safety Monitoring Systems that enable people to live safely and independently in their own homes. Our company was founded in 1973 in New York as Emergency Response USA and was started as a family owned business and remains that way today with the single goal of providing the highest quality Safety Monitoring services to customers across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Certified U.S. Based Emergency Response Center

The Emergency Response USA commitment to high quality service and training is particularly important for our 24/7 monitoring center. Emergency Response USA does not subcontract our monitoring as most of our competitions do. We own and operate our own 24/7 monitoring center. We have dual redundant emergency monitoring systems, located in the New York, that are capable of providing uninterrupted service even if a natural or man-made disaster takes one of our systems offline. Our monitoring center is CSAA 5 Diamond Certified, which means that we undergo a rigorous certification process each year and commit to quality standards far beyond those of our competition. Additionally, our center is inspected and recertified each year by Underwriters Laboratories UL a nationally recognized testing laboratory. All operators are trained and certified and are U.S. based.

Customer Satisfaction and Innovation

To support our commitment to our customer's 100% satisfaction and trust every day, Emergency Response USA extensively trains and evaluates all of our employees. From our monitoring dispatchers to sales reps, billing department staff, or our technical support team, every employee is taught to respect and value each customer. Additionally, nearly every innovation to our Safety Monitoring Systems has been inspired by our customers. We believe in listening to our customers, their concerns, their compliments, and their criticisms. For example, Emergency Response USA was the first company to offer the Fidelity Medical Data “L.I.F.E.” program free to all our customers and we have worked closely with Fidelity to develop and offer the Fidelity Card for those times when you are away from home, all because our customers asked.

Peace of Mind and Independent Living

Emergency Response USA has a longstanding reputation of customer satisfaction and every day the list of healthcare professionals recommending Emergency Response USA Safety Monitoring Systems grows. Emergency Response USA eliminated the inconvenient of assisted living facility or a nursing home by enabling our customers across the United States to live independently and safely in their own homes. That’s why we offer “Safety Monitoring” because it provides our customers and their families with confidence that they can get help quickly in any emergency, with the press of a button 24 hours a day.

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