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Safety Monitoring Systems For Seniors

Safety Monitoring Systems For Seniors

Safety Monitoring Systems from Emergency Response USA

Emergency Response USA helps seniors preserve their independence by providing a fast, easy way to get assistance in the case of an emergency. We recommend Emergency Response Systems (ERS) from Safety Monitoring System base unit, which are activated with a simple push of a button to summon help.
Our Emergency Response Safety Monitoring Systems offer a number of important benefits:

  • These systems are activated with only one press of a button for a medical alert.
  • Small and 100% water proof bracelet or necklace (also known as pendants) can alert the Safety Monitoring System.
  • Safety Monitoring System will then make the determination of whom to call and in what order.
  • Our System provides 24/7/365 emergency monitoring service.
  • Our Safety Monitoring System will respond within seconds after transmission.
  • Our systems provide health and medication history to emergency responders, saving precious time for proper care.
  • The Safety Monitoring System is staffed with kind, trained professionals who stay on the phone with the caller until the appropriate assistance arrives.

Order now for your Loved One Plans Starting at Just $25.50/month. 

Emergency response systems are set up in an individuals home to provide monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The person can quickly call for help in a personal or medical emergency by simply pushing a button. We provide an easy-to-use Safety Monitoring Alert Alarms and Emergency Response Systems for seniors that lets you directly call for help anytime of the day or night.
Emergency Response systems provide the ultimate lifestyle support solution for seniors and it’s also designed to be set up without expensive professional installation. It incorporates a full-featured activity support system, so that emergency responders, family contacts, and health care providers are reachable at the press of a button.
Emergency Response Safety Monitoring Systems are useful for everyone especially for senior citizens. Our Safety Monitoring Systems directly plug in with your standard phone jack for any emergency.

Our Safety Monitoring Systems use some of the best technology in phone communications. This is to ensure that you or a loved one can get appropriate attention right away without any hassle. The Safety Monitoring System features a base unit which can either be connected directly to a landline or can be connected wirelessly through cell towers. These systems have been proven to connect immediately once activated. There is no need to worry about having problems with connecting to our emergency responders.

You can connect with emergency responders in two ways. You can connect directly through the base unit or through the pendant that is provided with the system. Connecting directly through the base unit requires you to be next to it during an emergency but we know that will not always be possible so we have provided a pendant that you can wear at all times that wirelessly connects to the base unit to send out an alert to the emergency responders.

The pendant that comes with the base unit is fully water proof which allows it to be used when you are in the shower or in a wet environment. Research has shown that many emergencies happen in the shower. We have found that there are not many devices like ours that can be used in those types of scenarios. To ensure that you are getting round the clock emergency services a water proof pendant is necessary. We would hate to see someone that could possibly be receiving emergency services not because they could not attain those services in a wet environment. After you have connected with our highly trained emergency responders they send the appropriate assistance right away. We will have important contacts for you listed so we can contact those people right away. Our responders will also contact emergency services and they will be at your home immediately.

This whole process happens very rapidly and our personnel will be in contact with you the whole time. They are highly trained and very friendly, they will keep you calm during any emergency you have.

The system is very easy to set up. All you need to do when you receive the system is to connect it to a landline and a power outlet and it is ready to go. Our system also comes with a battery backup system that will provide a power source during a power outage. When a power outage ever happens you can be assured that your Safety Monitoring System will still be working. During a power outage, falls can happen when you cannot see what is on the path in front of you. This back up system will keep that system on just in case one of those types of scenarios happens.

We have looked at every possible situation in which emergency services are needed and have implemented features into our system that will provide you coverage at all times anywhere in your home.

Contact us right away to receive a Safety Monitoring System with all of these great features.

Order now for your Loved One Plans Starting at Just $25.50/month. 

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