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Why Choose Emergency Response USA? Trusted Senior Monitoring Service

What is the Best Emergency Alert System for Seniors?

Accidents can happen at any time. If you are considering a safety monitoring system to protect yourself or a family member, please don’t delay. Here are a few good reasons why you can put your trust in Emergency Response USA.

Trusted by Thousands of Medical Professionals

Emergency Response USA is one of only a few safety monitoring system companies in the U.S. that works with healthcare professionals to provide safety monitoring system to their patients. More than 5,000 medical professionals have picked Emergency Response USA as a partner for their safety monitoring system referrals.

Trusted by 125,000 Families

Our best source of new customers is referrals from existing customers. That's the result of our 40 years of dedication to our customers and their families. Please read our customer Testimonials to see why customers like you trust Emergency Response USA.

Committed to Customers During an Emergency

Emergency Response USA always stays on the phone with our customers during an emergency--until help arrives that is our team approach to monitoring. Operators at other low cost medical alarm companies end the call once 911 have been notified.

Fail Safe Emergency Monitoring

We have multiple certified and completely redundant emergency monitoring systems in place to make certain we are always ready and we don't miss your emergency alarm signals.

Dedicated - ONLY Safety Monitoring Systems

Emergency Response USA has been selling safety monitoring systems for 40 years. We are not distracted by other side businesses or by other corporate objectives; we only focus on delivering reliable medical alarm service to our customers.

Plans Starting at Just $25.50/month. 

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