Our Cancellation Policy is the BestCancellation Policy

We know because we get calls every day from people just learning that other providers have cancellation / refund policies that do not offer refunds for cancelling in the first year. There are a number of reasons people decide to cancel their Safety Monitoring service and we have heard them all and they all have one thing in common, if you paid ahead for your service we will refund your money.

You don’t have to call or mail us to cancel

You do not need to call us but you can if you want to. You do not need to send us written notice 30 days in advance of your next billing (which many companies actually do require) but feel free to send us a letter if you so choose.

30 Day No-Risk Trial Returns

If you are a new customer cancelling service using our 30-Day Risk Free policy the unit needs to be returned in the original packaging in new condition. The entire system must be received within 30 days of the original sign up date.

Why do I send the system back to cancel?

Sometimes people call us and ask to cancel service without returning the Safety Monitoring System. We are unable to do that and there is a good reason. It is actually to protect our customers. First the equipment is our property and we never sell our units, they are rentals. Second once we cancel service the Safety Monitoring will no longer work so we do not want to leave it in a home and have someone thinking it will continue to protect them when in fact it won’t.

Here is how it works

If you determine you no longer want or need your Safety Monitoring service just put the equipment and the emergency help button(s) into the original box, please keep it and use it to return the system if you decide to cancel, but if not that is okay too. Don’t worry, we won’t charge for not having the original box. Please make sure it is packed well and will survive the trip back to our office.

Once it is ready for shipping just take it to the Post Office, UPS or FedEx, and send it back to us. We recommend using a service with tracking so there is no question about the return date. We use the return date to determine your refund. We refund any unused months. When you’re ready to return it, please contact us.

Please call toll free 1-855-237-2500 for shipping information.

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