Senior Monitoring System

Mobile Medical Alert ServiceNo Landline? No Problem!

We have you covered with our Innovative Cellular Safety Monitoring System!

Are you a child of parents that are getting up there in age or has something happened to your close loved ones in the past to make you consider acquiring a reliable senior monitoring system? Are you friends with someone you know that has had to deal with an elderly accident where the individual was not properly tended to in time? Do you have fear when you leave on vacation or a business meeting that you will not be around to help if an accident occurs with your grandmother or grandfather?

As we move into a more “wireless” world, we need to keep up-to-date with the changing trends in home telecommunication use including senior monitoring systems. In 2007, AT&T claimed that “Approximately 25% of all households have abandoned plain old telephone service.”

Having something happen to someone you love and having them lie their helplessly is a scary thought for most and makes you as an individual feel helpless too.

While traditional Safety Monitoring Systems only work with a landline, we have designed a new innovative system that offers the same service only without a landline. Our new Safety Monitoring System is cell-based and is ideal for homes that do not have a landline.

With this device you do not need to worry about paying for an additional cell plan because it comes included with the System. The System is composed of a base unit that comes with a backup battery in case of power outages and a personal waterproof help button.

Utilizing a mobile monitoring system for your elderly loved ones is one of the best investments you can make as a concerned child or next of kin. Having peace of mind knowing your senior parent or parents are being closely and properly monitored is priceless. Join Emergency Response today in our campaign to never leave a senior unguarded by the incredible ER USA umbrella!

With just the push of a button you will be immediately connected to one of our very knowledgeable operators that will provide you with the assistance you need right away.

Benefits of the Cellular Safety Monitoring System:

  • No need for a landline.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • Easy to use. Large buttons on base and the wireless button make access to our services very simple.
  • Wireless waterproof help button provides instant access to our services anywhere at home, even in the shower.
  • System base is easily moveable without needing to run a landline. The only thing you need to plug into is an outlet.
  • System base includes a rechargeable battery that continually charges when plugged in to an outlet, providing 36 hours of power in case of a power outage.

Plans Starting at Just $25.50/month. Order Now. . 

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