How Our Safety Monitoring System OperatesHow a Safety Monitoring System Works from Emergency Response USA

How our personal alert system works for you

1. For our Safety Monitoring System to work properly the pendant needs to be worn at all times to insure that access to our service can be reached anywhere. It can be worn around your wrist or neck and is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about removing it while bathing.

2. Whenever you’re in need of emergency services just press the button on your pendant. The pendant will send a signal to the base unit and it will then connect you to our monitoring center full of highly capable operators that will assist you during your emergency.

3. Once you are connected to one of our highly capable operators, if you are capable of speaking, you can speak to them from wherever you are and they will call all the right authorities for the situation.

4. When we initially set up your Safety Monitoring System we will store all your information, emergency contacts, and emergency instructions provided to us by you. Our operators will have quick access to this information to let authorities know exactly where and how to help during any emergency situation.

5. Once authorities are contacted and directed to you, we will then notify emergency contacts. This whole process happens very rapidly to insure your safety in an emergency situation.

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