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Choosing a Safety Monitoring Company

Emergency Response USA's monitoring service provides an important link for seniors with chronic conditions that increase their risk of falling, or which could leave the senior in a state in which they need help rapidly. However, emergency monitoring can also help a senior living alone figure out the right type of help to summon--police, fire, medical, or a friend, neighbor of family member--depending on the situation.

Evaluating Providers

Not all emergency monitoring services are created equal. When evaluating different providers, consider the following:

    • Q. How long has the provider been in the business of delivering emergency monitoring?
    • A. ERUSA has been monitoring for over 40 years.
    • Q. Is the provider following industry standards for quality and reliability?
    • A. ERUSA exceeds all industry standards.
    • Q. Is the provider commited to ongoing training and process improvements?
    • A. ERUSA has ongoing training and annual recertification of our dispatchers.
    • Q. Has the provider invested in standby generators with multiple independent fuel sources which allows for continuous alarm monitoring despite equipment failures, storms, or outages?
    • A. ERUSA monitoring center has dual standby generators.
    • Q. Does the provider stay on the phone with the customer until help arrives, or does the provider request emergency assistance and then disconnect the call?
    • A. ERUSA uses a team of two dispatchers for each emergency dispatch so you are never left on hold or alone.
    • Q. Has the provider invested in infrastructure, facilities and training to ensure that an alarm signal will never be lost?
    • A. ERUSA uses state of the art facilities and software with full HOT redundant computer servers.

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